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  • Represents investor-owned utility in the Pacific Northwest in seeking open access transmission tariff (OATT) revisions and in making market power demonstration related to its participation in the EIM.
  • Represents Northeastern non-jurisdictional power authority in formula rate proceeding before FERC.  Cost of service and cost allocation issues are in central to matter’s disposition. 
  • Represents the first developer of Order No. 1000 transmission projects subject to binding cost containment commitments to seek formula rate cost recovery and incentives from FERC. 
  • Represented investor-owned utility in the Pacific Northwest in developing and filing at FERC a transmission formula rate. The matter involved working closely with witnesses to develop the formula rate and related cost inputs. A key issue in the proceeding involved the allowed return on equity (ROE). The proceeding culminated in a favorable settlement for the client.
  • Represented transmission-focused joint venture of two investor-owned utilities in developing multiple formula rate and incentive filings at FERC in SPP, PJM, and MISO regions. 
  • Successfully defended a Midwest utility group in related state court and FERC litigation, resulting in a complex, yet favorable settlement. Key issues included the ability of an ISO transmission customer to receive transmission service without paying a pancaked charge from a non-jurisdictional transmission owner with facilities embedded within the footprint of the ISO.
  • Advised an investor-owned utility in the Pacific Northwest regarding proposed tariff changes necessary to integrate intermittent renewables, resulting in a favorable settlement. The FERC’s VERs rulemaking and related requirements, as well as the difficulty of quantifying the costs to a utility of balancing the output of a wind generation facility, were central issues in the proceeding.


Mid-C Seminar

Speaker, "An introduction to EIM for Transmission Customers of the Pacific NW"
Wenatchee, WA

My Best and Worst Experiences Facing the Appeals Court Judges: Lessons from Real World Experiences

Panel Moderator
Energy Bar Association
Washington, DC


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Electric Transmission in the Northeast

Speaker, "The Cash Flow Foundation for Project Financing"
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