Sharon White




1050 Thomas Jefferson Street NW
Seventh Floor
Washington, DC 20007
  • Negotiated relicensing settlement agreement between licensee and U.S. Forest Service and special use permit for the FERC relicensing of the Toledo Bend Project.
  • Assisted in negotiating a multi-party settlement agreement for the potential removal of the Klamath Hydroelectric Project.
  • Drafted successful petition for declaratory order before FERC on federal preemption of state and local regulatory authority over a hydropower project in Washington.
  • Represented a coalition of hydroelectric licensees at FERC technical conferences presenting arguments disputing agency annual charges.
  • Drafted amici curiae briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of the hydroelectric industry
  • Represented a FERC licensee in amending and partially transferring its license to sell one of two project developments to a new owner
  • Assisted in representation of large coalition of hydroelectric licensees in administrative litigation before FERC and appellate proceedings concerning FERC’s federal land fees program.
  • Assisted in representation of a FERC licensee in a trial-type hearing before a U.S. Coast Guard administrative law judge on disputed issues of fact underlying agency mandatory conditions 


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National Hydropower Association 2017 Southeast Regional Meeting

Panelist, "Hot Topics in the Southeast: Endangered Species Act Updates"
National Hydropower Association
Atlanta, GA

HydroVision International 2016

Presenter, "Jurisdiction Changes - Who's Responsible for What in the U.S.?"
Minneapolis, MN

National Hydropower Association 2015 Alaska Regional Meeting

Panelist, "Federal and State Clean Energy Programs"
National Hydropower Association
Anchorage, AK

National Hydropower Association 2014 Alaska Regional Meeting

Panelist, "Emerging Regulatory Issues Facing Hydro Development in Alaska"
National Hydropower Association
Ketchikan, AK