VNF Solutions

For forty years, Van Ness Feldman has helped clients navigate successfully almost all aspects of federal energy, environmental and natural resources issues.  To enhance our ability to continue to serve the varying needs of our clients, we formed VNF Solutions LLC—a wholly owned subsidiary of Van Ness Feldman LLP.    VNF Solutions draws on the diverse experience of all of the professionals at Van Ness Feldman in order to provide clients with non-legal advisory services and solutions to complex issues in energy, environment, natural resources, infrastructure, transportation, real estate, and health care areas.  VNF Solutions offers a range of services, including:  legislative advocacy, technology evaluations, coalition management, analytics, government agency consulting, legislative and regulatory impact analysis, land use planning, and support on federal funding opportunities.

The Board of VNF Solutions is comprised of senior professionals with deep experience in our clients’ issues.  Its senior executives are Janet Anderson and Ben McMakin.  VNF Solutions allows clients to access this diverse talent for non-legal services without the need to engage a law firm and to access the best combination of knowledge and experience for the issue at hand.  VNF Solutions provides clients with highly specialized strategic consulting and analytical services tailored to achieve decisive results for a client’s business objectives.  Finally, to the extent legal representation is needed by a client, VNF Solutions can work seamlessly with Van Ness Feldman to provide end to end services.

For more information, please contact Janet Anderson or Ben McMakin or phone 202-298-1800. 

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