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Larry has served as lead outside counsel assisting clients with a variety of matters that involve energy regulation, including:

  • Appeals of FERC Orders, including argument;
  • Authorizations for LNG projects and pipelines, some of which have been contested;
  • The regulatory component of due diligence for potential investors in projects;
  • Enforcement investigations and compliance planning;
  • Agency complaint proceedings;
  • Rate, tariff and refund-related matters, including witness examination; and
  • Negotiation of precedent and other commercial and operating agreements.

Larry assists clients in every phase of regulatory due diligence and litigation from preliminary planning with with senior corporate officials to implementing plans in tariffs and contracts, supervising other lawyers, expert witnesses and consultants, examining witnesses in evidentiary hearings, formulating and negotiating settlements, and as needed, argument and briefs, including appellate litigation.  Larry also participates as regulatory counsel in civil litigation in which FERC issues are present.

Larry’s work encompasses both natural gas and electric matters.  He was lead rate and tariff counsel for the Panhandle Eastern family of interstate pipelines, an active participant in the development of LNG terminals for a variety of companies and investors, and regulatory counsel in the multi-party civil litigation against the oil and gas industry for matters involving Louisiana coastal wetlands.  He also was lead counsel for more than four years for the power marketers in FERC's California refund proceedings and related appeals, including presenting oral argument before the Ninth and D.C. Circuits; and he was in the leadership group of the Marketers in FERC's Pacific Northwest refund proceedings, including arguments challenging FERC before the Ninth Circuit, resulting in the remand of FERC’s Orders. 

He represented the California ISO in connection with prominent market manipulation matters and to block interference with the ISO’s efforts to avoid load shedding during the 2013-2014 summer peak periods in Southern California.

He currently is presenting other appeals of FERC electric Orders before the D.C. Circuit.


U.S. Based Small Scale LNG Projects

Euromoney Expert Guides

AGA FERC Manual: A Guide for Local Distribution Companies (2010-2017)

Principal Author
American Gas Association, 2010-2017 Editions


AGA Energy Market Regulation Conference 2016

Presenter, "Challenges to Infrastructure Development"
American Gas Association
Washington, DC

AGA Energy Market Regulation Conference 2013

"Effective Compliance Programs"
American Gas Association
New York, NY